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Program Services

Chapman Partnership offers a holistic approach through many supportive programs for residents to reach the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency and independence. Residents are provided three meals per day, clothing, showers, temporary housing, laundry facilities, transportation, case management, job development and training, permanent housing assistance, and an on-site child care program.

In addition to these services, Miami-Dade County Public Schools operates on-site adult and vocational classes and job training. The Health Foundation of South Florida (at our North Center) and the Public Health Trust (at our South Center) provide a primary care clinic for the resident’s health care. Additionally, we partner with an array of social service agencies at each Center to include: legal services, Veterans Affairs, Florida Department of Children and Families, Social Security, job development through Jewish Community Services, mental health assistance through Bayview Community Mental Health Association and New Horizons Community Mental Health Association; as well as child care services provided by the Miami-Dade County Head Start Program. Each resident of the Centers has an individual “case plan” designed to lead him or her to self-sufficiency.

Since opening the two Homeless Assistance Centers, 89,500 homeless men, women, and families have been served with 63% having successfully gotten off the streets of Miami-Dade County and on their way to attaining greater stability and self-sufficiency.