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Since 1995, Chapman Partnership has been assisting homeless men, women and children in transitioning off the streets of Miami-Dade County and on their way to attaining greater stability and self-sufficiency in their lives. As the private sector partner of the Miami Dade County Homeless Trust, we have continually been recognized as a national model for our comprehensive approach to helping the homeless.  Our program’s main catalyst for success…the Homeless Assistance Centers…operate as one-stop temporary care entry points that provide not just food and shelter, but comprehensive case management, healthcare, daycare, job training and other assistance from a variety of social service agencies all under one roof.

Above all, however, is our deeply held conviction that those temporarily homeless persons in our care shall always be treated with the greatest compassion, dignity and respect.

Mission Statement - Provide comprehensive services to empower homeless residents to become self-sufficient.

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 Chapman Partnership, is a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) corporation, governed by a Board of Directors. The current Chairman is Trish Bell and the Founding Chairman was the late Alvah H. Chapman, Jr. Our goal is to operate two Homeless Assistance Centers and to raise the private funding necessary to assist in the implementation of the Miami-Dade County Community Homeless Plan. Chapman Partnership is further committed to assisting the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust in this implementation through encouraging private sector involvement.

Chapman Partnership grew out of the grave concern local citizens and politicians had about the growing problem of homelessness. The late Governor Lawton Chiles appointed a blue-ribbon panel  (“Governor’s Commission on Homeless”) to address this issue. The Governor’s Commission on Homeless in 1992 and 1993 developed a strategic plan to serve the homeless. This plan called for a joint public–private sector partnership to respond to the growing problem of homelessness within Miami-Dade County. Chapman Partnership serves as the private sector partner and the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust is the public partner.

The capital and operational needs of Chapman Partnership are funded largely by the one percent sales tax on food and beverages at certain restaurants in Miami-Dade County. Charitable foundations, corporations, and individuals provide the remainder of the financial needs of Chapman Partnership.

Currently, Chapman Partnership operates two Homeless Assistance Centers – The North Center in downtown Miami and the South Center in Homestead.

 The accomplishments of Chapman Partnership have been exceptional. Since opening our doors in 1995, 63% of our former residents have successfully moved off the streets of Miami-Dade and on their way to attaining greater stability and self-sufficiency. Clearly, the greatest accomplishment, however, is the difference being made in the lives of the homeless from within our community.